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Sophies Naturals



Creative Brief

Logo & Identity






April 2022

Scope of work



Package Design






Artboard 1_2x-100_edited.jpg

Sophies Naturals is a brand that produces homemade juices made infused with Seamoss and other natural ingredients. The brand is run by a single owner who is located in Saint Martin. 

Soon after Sophie started selling her juices, she noticed that they were well sought after by family and friends. Because of this, she contacted me to design a logo and packaging for her brand since there was no identity in place.

The goal of this project was to give this brand a unique and cohesive visual theme that could resonate with the targeted audience and separate the brand's products from competitors. 

Design Process

in order to better understand the product, I decided to research the key ingredient of Sophie’s juices. The contents of this research were very insightful and surprisingly shaped the concept of the designs for the packaging

In order to reach the goal of this project, I used many research methods.

To help narrow my research I constructed a creative brief outlining key information such as the project purpose, objective, Target audience, key message, deliverables, and schedule. Through this project, this brief was used as a guide that I would constantly revert back to.

Using this form of research I was able to analyze the competitor brands and create a SWOT highlighting strengths weakness opportunities and threats for both packaging and design.

Competitor Analysis

Sketching helped me quickly brainstorm different ideas before going digital.


Using a mood board I was able to gain inspiration from other designs. This helped me achieve cohesiveness when creating this identity.

Mood Board

General Research


Understanding the product -1.jpg
Artboard -1.jpg

analyzing competitors and researching the product helped me with generating ideas for the logo which I then sketched and digitized.


After researching the product, I was quite overwhelmed by the number of health benefits that seamoss provided to users. Knowing this caused me to perceive seamoss more as a medicine. This gave me the idea to design the product package to resemble a pharmaceutical product instead of a beverage.

The main element of this logo is a leaf which was included to signify the brand’s naturalness. This leaf is also in the shape of a water droplet symbolizing both the ocean waters where seamoss is harvested from and the liquid aspect of a beverage.

Mask Group 2.jpg
Logo Colors copy_2x-100.jpg
Mask Group 2.jpg
Artboard 1_2x-100.jpg
Mask Group 6.jpg
Mask Group 30.jpg

Since this brand produces all-natural products, I decided to use a glass bottle to stay true to the brand’s values. Glass bottles are recyclable therefore they are less harmful to the environment.

The product uses a cork as a cap which allows consumers to drink in portions and corks are also 100% biodegradable. after doing research on the competitors, I notice that most of their beverages were sold in aluminum packages that could be used once. This forced me to think of other methods that didn’t include a plastic cap which is harmful to the environment. 

Mask Group 49.jpg
Mask Group 12.jpg

Because the product’s main ingredient presented so many health benefits, I decided to make the product label resemble a pharmaceutical product. This helped symbolize that the product was a good choice for the targeted audience. Paired with the brand colors the labels effectively represent the brand’s essence, values, and identity.

Mask Group 19.jpg
Mask Group 10.jpg
Mask Group 20.jpg
Mask Group 23.jpg
Mask Group 9.jpg
Mask Group 25.jpg
Mask Group 24.jpg
Mask Group 26.jpg
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